Health & Safety

It is our policy to perform work in the safest practicable manner, consistent with good practice. The health and safety of our employees and all those likely to be affected by our operations is the responsibility of the management and as a priority it ranks equally with production and profit. Adequate resources will be made available to ensure the success of this policy.

It is the duty of management to do everything practicable to prevent injury and ill health. It is equally the duty of each employee to exercise personal responsibility for his or her own safety and that of others, as required by law.

All employees are to be aware that, in the event of any conflict between the demands of production and safety, they will recieve management support if it is neccesary to choose the safety of employees or third parties as the priority.

It is our policy to adhere completely to the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974; the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations; The Factories Act; the Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Actl the Construction Regulations and all Regulations and Codes of Practise made under the Acts which affect our operations.

The attention of all personnel is directed to this Health and Safety Policy and to its Appendices. Any revisions will be incorporated when neccessary, and these will also be brought to the attention of all personnel.

Cunning Thermal Limited’s management is committed to complying with the Policy and to ensuring compliance by others.

This policy shall be reviewed for adequacy at least annually.

The foregoing is the statement of Policy of Cunning Thermal Limited on the health and safety at work of all employees. It has been prepared after due consultation with those involved in it’s operation and has the full backing and authority of the Directors.

Every employee in the group will be made aware of this document.